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Sep 17 2012

Happy Cat Month!

by Amanda L

Did you know that September is Happy Cat month? In my house, according to my husband, every month is happy cat month. We have three cats and a border collie. For my three cats to be happy they need food, shelter and for the dog to know when they are finished playing. Many an evening the game of chase is on when all three cats and the dog run down the long hallway sounding like a herd of elephants playing hide and seek.

For those times when one of the cats are not feeling that great and we can’t get to the vet, I turn to a few books for reference. One of the newer titles that the Library has is Cat Calls: wonderful stories and practical advice from a veteran cat sitter by Jeanne Adlon and Susan Logan. Complete cat care: what every cat lover needs to know by Bruce Fogle informs owners on topics such as hygiene and disease.

If you are a cat lover and a reader, you might enjoy a good fiction read about cats. Have you tried Lilian Jackson Braun’s the cat who series? The first one is The Cat Who Could Read Backwards.  Another cat series you might try is Rita Mae Brown’s Sneaky Pie Brown Series. The first one is Wish You Were Here.   A third cat series you might try is by Leann Sweeny. The first title in her series is The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse.  

For all cat lovers who allow their cats to go outside, you may have wondered what they do with their time. We now have a glimpse into the outside experience of cats, thanks to the research folks up at the Warnell school at the University of Georgia. They wanted to know the same thing so they let a few folks around Athens, Georgia put a camcorder on their cat and record what they experienced at night. Check out their site to watch a variety of videos that the cats recorded during the two weeks of the research study. What is your favorite cat book or thing that your cat does?

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Dea Anne M September 18, 2012 at 11:21 AM

I love Elizabeth Marshall Thomas’ book The Tribe of the Tiger: cats and their culture. It seems that our small pets are not that different from the large cats of the wild. As far as things my cats do, I have a cat who literally bounces off walls and I do mean literally. I have the scratched paint on my walls to prove it!

Ken September 18, 2012 at 11:41 AM

My favorite cat book, so far, is The Fur Person by May Sarton. I just read it for the first time this summer, and I really liked it.

David September 19, 2012 at 11:19 AM

Here’s one cat who’s not just lying around on the living room sofa — he’s gone into politics:


Greg October 8, 2012 at 6:00 PM

I’m not a cat person but I very much enjoyed WAITING FOR GERTRUDE by Bill Richardson. It takes place among the feral cats that inhabit the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Very inventive!

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