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Nov 9 2012

Windows – More Than Glass

by Veronica W

Looking out a side window at work, I see… a liquor store. I’m in a new location, in a new building, with a new view (seen from soaring windows). If I’m here for any length of time, I will become used to seeing the folks who go in and out to buy “refreshment” and will no longer be surprised at how often and how early they need to be refreshed. When I look straight ahead, I see lovely trees, which would normally soothe my soul—except they’re crisscrossed by power lines. After awhile, I will stop being annoyed by that. Right now, however, my eyes can’t help being drawn to the ever changing, fascinating life and drama going on outside.

How many of us, when we go away, want a room with a view? If we go to the beach, we want an ocean front room. In the mountains, we crave a panoramic vista while standing on our balconies (hotels know this and charge accordingly).  I personally love clear, star studded night skies and can only imagine what the view is from a space shuttle window. I wish someone would tell me where I can go outside the city to see the night sky uncontaminated by electric lights.

There are so many places to which we can escape,  if we have the time and the resources, so many views which would stun us into awed silence. When we have no time and limited funds, we can take second best and see them in books or online. I discovered a site that I keep revisiting, because when I visit it, I can sit and imagine myself there. Here is an all time favorite. I’m sure my acrophobia would not bother me there.

The Tiger’s Nest (or Paro Taktsang Monastery) clings like lichen to rocky cliffs in Bhutan’s Paro Valley and creates an awed silence among visitors, broken only by the sound of rustling prayer flags and chanting monks”

In my travels through the library stacks, I came across a charming book entitled The Best Place. It’s the story of a wolf who has a wonderful view from his screened porch but is convinced to sell his house and go in search of a better view. The surprise ending will delight you.

According to Elizabeth Barrett Browning,  “Earth is full of heaven…but only he who sees takes off his shoes.”  Take a look out of your window…or from your screened porch. What wonder-full view do you see?

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