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Mar 13 2013

Filament Mind

by Jesse M

At Teton County Library in Wyoming, designers Brian W. Brush and Yong Ju Lee have created a stunning art installation which provides visualizations of library searches conducted by users throughout the state, displaying them as pulses of light on a network of forty four LED illuminators and over five miles of fiber-optic cables. The installation, known as Filament Mind, activates when a person searches for specific terms using online library catalogs. 904 subjects including social sciences, arts, languages, history, and philosophy each correspond to a text label with its own fiber optic cable that lights up when a search is performed. If a person then clicks on one of the results of their search, another cable will light up.

The designers hope that Filament mind will encourage people to interact with each other, share ideas, and explore content new to them.

“Some of the best moments I’ve seen with the project have been when a flash of light in a fiber optic cable catches a person’s eye and they see it is illuminating a category of knowledge they never even knew existed,” Brush says.

To see photos and read more about Filament Mind, check out this Wired article on the subject.

To get a glimpse of Filament mind in action, take a look at the video below:

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