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Apr 26 2013

No Thumbs Fun

by Veronica W

I’m going shopping today for hula hoops for an upcoming library program. I confess I’m excited because it takes me back to the days of my childhood, when I could actually play games that required running and jumping and large muscles movement. As I remember it, the only game that required my thumbs was “I Declare War.”

Looking at me today, you would not believe once upon a time I jumped double dutch,  played hopscotch and was a terror on the handball court (Try playing it with a  hard, pink Spalding ball, if you dare) . When sitting down, my friends, sisters and I played hand clapping games.  (Anyone out there know “Old Mary Mack Mack Mack” or “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” as hand games?)  As much as  hot, cloudless days, road trips and dripping ice cream cones, the games of my childhood summon forth memories of summer.

If you have young folk in your life or just want to reminisce, look through a sampling of  game books such as Step It Down,  The Way to PlayLike It Was or Sidewalk Games, then head for the streets to try them out. Teens may drag their feet at first but I guarantee you they will end up enjoying themselves, if for no other reason than the fun of laughing at you.  The delightful, happy ladies below don’t care and neither will you. Go for it!


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