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Feb 19 2014

Second-Rate Novelist

by Jesse M

the serialist coverThese days, David Gordon knows the value of a good translator. His debut novel, originally published in America under the title The Serialist, won the 2011 First Novelist Award and was a finalist for the Mystery Writers of America’s 2011 Edgar Award for Best First Novel. However, despite these accolades, Gordon says his daily life didn’t change much; that is, until a Japanese translation of the book was published. Then things really took off.

Gordon relates the surreal story of his overseas success in a recent New York Times article. After being translated into Japanese by Aoki Chizuru and retitled “Niryuu Shousetsuka” (which translates back into English as “Second-Rate Novelist”), Gordon’s book won a trio of major Japanese literary awards, an unprecedented feat. The book was then adapted into a Japanese film, and Gordon was invited to the premiere, followed by a week-long tour of book signings and interviews. To view a brief clip of him speaking during this tour, check out this youtube video.

In addition to the NYT article, Gordon also recently did a Q&A session on the popular website reddit.

To see what all the fuss is about, you can reserve a copy of the book yourself through the DCPL catalog. If you’ve already read this book, tell us what you thought about it in the comments.

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