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Apr 14 2014

American Public Libraries Great and Small

by Jesse M

Seattle Central LibraryFor nearly two decades, photographer Robert Dawson has been taking pictures of libraries. Since 1994 he has photographed hundreds of public libraries across 48 states, and the results have been compiled in a new book published just this month, titled The Public Library: A Photographic Essay.

Dawson’s photographs reveal the longstanding American institution in all its variety, from the quaint to the awe-inspiring. Check out this NPR story to read an excerpt from the book and hear an interview with the author, as well as view a brief slideshow of some of the images (even more photos are available for perusal on the author’s website).

In the introduction of his recently published work, Dawson writes that “Public libraries are worth fighting for, and this book is my way of fighting”. To reserve a copy of the book through DCPL, follow this link to place a request.

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Leigh P. April 16, 2014 at 5:25 PM

I’ve seen the Seattle Library in person both pre- and post-renovation. The post-renovation stunned me as I saw it from across the street. It’s a true work of art (but being birthed in the same city as the unique EMP building, would you expect any less?). The Central Branch of the Lexington, KY library is, believe it or not, pretty amazing as well. I love seeing things like this. Public libraries are essential to government, IMHO.

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