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Jun 18 2014


by Hope L

PatsyThe Wurlitzer All-Time Jukebox Hits lists Crazy as the #2 jukebox hit single. She would’ve been 82 this year. Her name was Virginia Patterson Hensley, aka Patsy Cline.

I once lip-synched the Patsy Cline song I Fall to Pieces at a convention, so I have  literary license to write about  Ms. Cline. Of course I remember Jessica Lange playing Patsy  in the 1985 film Sweet Dreams, but other than knowing that Cline died in a plane crash, I really didn’t know much about this 60’s icon of country music.  So I picked up Mark Bego’s I Fall to Pieces: The Music and the Life of Patsy Cline.

Many talented and ambitious people had hardscrabble beginnings and/or abuse growing up, and Patsy was no exception.  Now when I listen to her music, I have a whole new appreciation for the angst that can be heard in her singing of songs, my personal favorite being Turn the Cards Slowly.

Patsy Cline knew she would be a star, and at a young age she went about making it happen by singing everywhere and every chance she got, just for the experience: church, fairgrounds, restaurants, nightclubs.  At  age 15, “Ginny,” as she was known then, quit school to go to work to help support the family. Her first  paying  job: slaughtering chickens.

But Ginny found the time to nag her mother to take her around to Winchester, West Virginia’s small radio station and show off her singing skills to the likes of Joltin’ Jim McCoy–and eventually on to Nashville to try to get an audience with Wally Fowler, a big star of Southern Gospel with a regular radio show.

When I hear a song by Patsy, with its steel guitar intro, it brings me back to the days of country two-stepping and smoky barrooms of my  youth–fond memories, indeed.  Forgive me, young people–but they sure don’t  make music like this anymore. Click here to take a look at some of the items we have at DCPL.


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Dea Anne M June 18, 2014 at 10:08 AM

Thanks for posting this, Hope. I love Patsy Cline! My favorite of her songs is “Walking After Midnight” but I love to listen to just about anything by her.

Jnai W June 19, 2014 at 12:38 PM

I love your posts, Hope! Patsy’s always been one of my favorite ladies of country music (shouts out to Dolly and Loretta, too).

Hope L July 3, 2014 at 8:12 AM

Thanks Dea Anne and Jnai! It is good to know somebody is reading my blogs! I sure enjoy writing them.

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