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Jul 23 2014

Flying Around Book Ops

by Jesse M

Late last year I posted a video of drone pilot Nate Bolt flying through the New York Public Library with his Phantom Quadcopter. The drone’s-eye view provided an interesting and unique perspective and so when I learned he had released another video exploring the library through the eyes of his drone, I was excited to watch it! This time, Nate takes us through BookOps, the massive book sorting center in Queens, New York, that provides material for the 150 branches of the New York and Brooklyn Public Libraries. As stated in the video, the book sorting machine depicted is the second largest in the world, sorting 33,000 items a day on average.

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John July 25, 2014 at 2:44 PM

I enjoyed seeing the book sorting machine, but I got dizzy from the close views of the conveyor belt. The video in the library was more peaceful. It must be fun to control a video drone!

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