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Feb 10 2015

Seriously? I Think Not!!!

by Hope L

Warning: I am in a very silly mood today.  But never fear, ’cause DCPL is here!

How about something from Just Joking 3: 300 Hilarious Jokes About Everything, Including Tongue Twisters, Riddles, and More! by Ruth A. Musgrave, from the National Geographic Series:


Who’s there?


Distaste who?

Distaste terrible!



Who’s there?


Marionette who?

Marionette the last piece of pie!

Woman Eating Blueberry Pie

“Er … um, Hope, is this gonna be all knock-knock, all the time?”

“No, the only requirement is silliness.”

What did the police officers do when they crashed their car into a bakery?

They made copcakes.

What kind of medicine does a vampire take when he has a cold?”

Coffin syrup.


What does it mean if you find a horseshoe?

Some poor horse is walking around in his socks.

What do you call it when a Cyclops moves into a frog’s home?

An eye-pad.

And here’s one for our beloved librarians:

What do you get when you cross popcorn, a hot dog, and a stack of books?

Kernel Mustard in the library.

Hotdog … how do you eat yours?

I loved that one, but as your friendly library security guard I must remind you that there is no food allowed in the library.


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