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Apr 1 2015

George Plimpton and Sidd Finch

by Jimmy L

George Plimpton is well known for many reasons. He was a founding editor of the Paris Review and stayed on as editor until he died in 2003. He’s also known for his sports writing. Back in 1985, he was asked to write a Sports Illustrated article on April Fools’ jokes in sports for the magazine’s April 1st issue. Plimpton ended up writing his own elaborate April Fools’ joke about Sidd Finch, a 28-year-old aspiring monk who could throw a 168 MPH fastball. Mr. Finch was indeed fascinating. He dropped out of Harvard and went to Tibet. How did he learn to pitch so fast? Well, throwing rocks, meditating, and playing French Horn had something to do with it. You might be interested in the April 1, 2005 New York Times article “An Old Baseball April Fools’ Hoax.”

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