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Jun 3 2015

National Yo-Yo Day

by Glenda

Yo-YoJune 6 is National Yo-Yo Day. It is thought that the yo-yo originated in China.  A painting from a Greek vase shows a boy playing with a yo-yo as far back as 500BC. In Ancient Greece, yo-yos were made of wood, metal, and terracotta, and they were often decorated with pictures of the gods.

In 1928, Pedro Flores, a Filipino immigrant to the United States, opened the Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company in Santa Barbara, California, after coining the term yo-yo. Flores later sold the Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company to Donald F. Duncan.  However National Yo-Yo Day is not in celebration of Pedro Flores, it is to celebrate Donald F. Duncan. The day is celebrating the commercial success that Duncan made of the Yo-Yo. (You can do a quick search in GALILEO to find more about the history of the yo-yo.)

If you love to yo-yo, get your yo-yo out and enjoy the day. If you are new to the yo-yo, or want to learn some new tricks, stop by your local library. DCPL has some materials for you on yo-yo tricks.

Awesome Yo-Yo Tricks by Shar Levine and Robert Bowden

Yo-Yo’s: Tricks to Amaze Your Friends by Ingrid Roper

Yo-Yo Tricks by Cynthia Klingel and Robert Noyed


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Camille June 3, 2015 at 7:40 PM

Jeez, I haven’t thought about a yo-yo in years, Wonder if I can remember how.

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