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Aug 1 2016

An App For That

by Camille B


I began writing this blog post after coming across the adjacent  cartoon.

Even as I was laughing I was thinking to myself, Just you wait grandpa. For doesn’t it seem like there is an app for just about everything else that you can think of?

Today, there are literally thousands of apps from which to choose. Someone is probably creating a new one as I’m writing this post.

There are apps for social media, business, travel, weather, entertainment, games, fitness and so much more. There are apps to help us eat, drink, exercise, date, break up and even come up with clever ways to get out of work, like the INap@ work app I discovered while writing this post. This app makes sounds like you’re working when you’re actually asleep at your desk.

According to this survey done by Search CNET, social media apps ranked way above the rest as the most used and popular apps, with Facebook in the  lead by a wide margin (no surprise there). Google Chrome, Camera, and Google Maps followed as the next most used apps. CommBank, LinkedIn and Calendar ranked at the bottom of the list.

Opinions vary as to whether or not these apps do more to help or hinder us in our every day lives. Do apps make us lazier, allow us to be more productive, or does it all depend on the App itself? Apps

I think that the pendulum swings both ways. Like with everything else, it’s what we do with it. A great many of these apps can truly enhance our lives and make some everyday tasks a whole lot easier, saving us time and energy.

There are great banking, news and weather apps. There are also helpful work apps like Slack, Wunderlist,  Shyp and Doodle that can actually help boost office productivity.

On the other hand there are others that make us oh, just a little bit slothful. Here is a link to 10 iphone apps for the pathetically lazy. Some of these apps actually scared me a bit as I scrolled through them. I sincerely hoped that the people using them were in the low percentile; like that Chipotle’s mobile ordering app, really? How much faster do you need your burrito?

Next we have our games and funnies. Who needs to be blue when you can download 9GAG, BUZZFEED and TALKING TOM to cheer you up and put a smile on your face again? And you can also while away countless hours that you’ll never get back with Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run 2 and hundreds of other games to get your adrenaline pumping.

Then there are the apps that we thought were so cool we just had to have them, but we used them just that one time. According to an article by Android Authority, “77 percent of users never use an app again 72 hours after installing it. After a month, 90 percent of users eventually stop using the app, and by the 90-day mark, only 5 percent of users continue using a given app.” So you were really excited about that GymPact app but now, umm not so much.

As far as apps go, this was just scratching the surface, a drop in the proverbial bucket if you will, and grandpa’s comment may stand the test of time yet in it’s accuracy. Although there is no app for shoveling snow, for just about everything else, I say the sky’s the limit.

What are some of the most helpful apps you’ve come across lately? And what are some of the strangest?

Stop by your local DCPL library branch to check out some of these helpful books on Apps:



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Below are some of  the DCPL’s Apps that you can find on our homepage.

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