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Oct 2 2017

Wrongful Conviction Day – October 2

by DCPLive

Wrongful Conviction Day – October 2

An estimated 3-5% of the nation’s incarcerated population is wrongfully convicted — that translates to roughly 1,500-3,000 innocent people in Georgia who are currently serving time in prison for crimes they did not commit. October 2, 2017, is the fourth annual Wrongful Conviction Day, an international day to increase awareness about the plight of those who are wrongfully convicted and the systemic factors that lead to wrongful convictions. The day is meant to encourage dialogue about this important issue and promote policy remedies at a grassroots level. See the list below for a sampling of books and DVDs to help you get that dialogue going.

Also right here in DeKalb County, the Georgia Innocence Project (GIP) is a small nonprofit organization that fights to free innocent men and women from Georgia and Alabama prisons. GIP works to find DNA evidence that will prove who the true perpetrator was and to ultimately petition the court for the person’s release based on the new evidence. Part of GIP’s mission is to educate the public that wrongful convictions are neither rare nor isolated incidents. You can see news and updates from GIP on their Facebook page and Twitter.


On a recent day, four exonerees enjoyed the afternoon in Decatur. Their names and the number of years they spent wrongfully convicted in Georgia prisons are (L-R), John White (27 years), Clarence Harrison (17 years), Calvin Johnson (16 years) and Pete Williams (22 years). photo by Grace Akan

Check these out at DCPL

After Innocence (DVD) produced by the American Film Foundation and Showtime

Anatomy of Innocence: Testimonies of the Wrongfully Convicted edited by Laura Caldwell and Leslie S. Klinger

The Central Park Five (DVD) from Ken Burns, David McMahon and Sarah Burns

The Central Park Five: A Chronicle of a City Wilding by Sarah Burns

Convicting the Innocent: Death Row and America’s Broken System of Justice by Stanley Cohen

Devil in the Grove :Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America by Gilbert King (also available as an eBook)

Exit to Freedom by Calvin Johnson (The author is from Georgia and is in the picture. He spent 16 years in prison before being exonerated.)

Hurricane: The Miraculous Journey of Rubin Carter by James S. Hirsch.

Journey Toward Justice by Dennis Fritz

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson (also available as an audiobook and eBook)

Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton, with Erin Torneo

Thank you to guest contributor Raylynn Hughes for this DCPLive post.

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Christina (Tina) Clomon October 3, 2017 at 6:49 PM

Thank you for sharing, while I was aware of the GIP, I had no idea that an awareness day existed.

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