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Dec 18 2018

Bon Appetit: 10 Cozy Culinary Mysteries

by Elisabeth H

It’s impossible to separate the holiday season from high-calorie sweets, but – oddly enough – all too easy to justify the consumption of those pies and cakes and salty snack mixes. Allow us to propose a solution to this problem: Instead of cracking open a cookie tin at 3 a.m., why not dig into a food-themed mystery instead? We have assembled a list of 10 titles (old and new) that will satisfy your appetite for mystery and for food. Click here for the entire list, or click on the title or cover of each suggested title to be taken to its record in our catalog. And (this is important) please forward all uneaten cookies to your local branch of the DeKalb County Public Library.

Fer-de-Lance and the League of Frightened Men by Rex Stout

One of the first culinary mysteries appeared in 1934 with Fer-de-Lance, the first Nero Wolfe novel. Wolfe is not only a brilliant private detective, but food is his number one preoccupation and delight. On the hunt for more Wolfe? Click here to view and request more titles featuring this food-savvy detective.

The Secret, Book & Scone Society by Ellery Adams

In this new series from author Ellery Adams, Nora, a bookstore owner helps her customers solve their problems by prescribing the perfect book. (The freshly baked scones don’t hurt.) When a potential customer is found murdered, Nora founds a secret society of book- and scone-lovers to solve the mystery of his death. We also have the book’s sequel, which you can request by clicking here.

Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck

When Suzanne Hart buys a donut shop with her divorce settlement, she thinks that her world is finally about to settle down. Her plans have their middle punched out, though,  when the body of one of her customers is dumped in front of her shop. If you can’t stop with just one, we have more than 10 other installments in this series – you can view and request them by clicking here.

Cake and Punishment by Maymee Bell

In the first installment of a delectable new Southern-set series, Sophia Cummings, pastry chef extraordinaire, must craft the perfect cake for an old friend’s wedding while sifting through the suspects in a murder. More sweet murder awaits you in the sequel, Batter Off Dead, which you can request by clicking here.

Death by Darjeeling by Laura Childs

The first in the popular Tea Shop Mystery series introduces Theodosia Browning, owner of Indigo Tea Shop. She is catering an event when an esteemed guest is found dead, his hand clutching an empty teacup. Theo desperately tries to save her reputation and track down the real killer. Need a refill? You can view and request other titles in the Tea Shop Mystery series by clicking here.

The Merlot Murders by Ellen Crosby

Ellen Crosby’s debut mystery is set in the wealthy Blue Ridge wine country of northern Virginia, where vineyard heiress Lucie Montgomery must find a killer or lose her cherished family vineyard. Can’t stop sipping? You can view and request other titles in the series by clicking here.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

This is the first novel in Joanna Fluke’s recipe-laden mystery series about cookie shop owner Hannah Swensen. In it, Hannah’s work-life cookie crumbles when the delivery man from a nearby dairy is found murdered behind her shop. With more than 20 titles in the series, Swensen’s sweets will keep you pleasantly buzzed for many an hour – to view and request other titles in the series, click here.

Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake by Sarah Graves

In this new series by Sarah Graves, Jake and Ellie (from the author’s Home Repair is Homicide mysteries) open a chocolate-themed bakery. Ellie’s old family recipes reel in the customers – until an early-season hurricane scuttles their plans. To make matters worse, the health inspector is found murdered in their kitchen. The followup – Death By Chocolate Malted Milkshake – isn’t available for checkout yet, but you can request it by clicking here.

Cherry Pies & Deadly Lies by Darci Hannah

This new series features a fearless, reckless sleuth who unravels a complicated culinary mystery. Whitney Bloom is furiously baking pies when she receives a desperate call from her mother: the manager of her family’s cherry orchard has been found dead and all evidence points to her father as the killer.

Murder with Fried Chicken and Waffles by A.L. Herbert

Mahalia “Halia” Watkins’ Sweet Tea restaurant has the finest soul food in Prince George’s County, Maryland. In between preparing her famous cornbread and mashed potatoes, Halia dips her spoon into a grisly mystery, investigating the murder (in her kitchen!) (next to her frying pan!) of a smooth-talking, shady entrepreneur. Ready for a second helping? You can request the sequel, Murder With Macaroni and Cheese, by clicking here.

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