DCPLive is a blog by library staff at the DeKalb County Public Library!


DCPLive is a blog by the library staff at DeKalb County Public Library.  Posts are usually written on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Check back often to read about books, movies and music we like, current events, or any number of different topics.  Feel free to comment on our posts if you have something to add, or to let us know what you think!

Get to Know Us!—Current Bloggers

Amie has worked with DCPL since she moved to Atlanta from the Midwest three years ago.  When she is not reading, she enjoys making music, jogging with her dogs, traveling, writing, cooking new foods, and flying kites.  Her favorite books include To Kill a Mockingbird, The Brothers K, American Gods, The Devil in the White City, Graceling, and Knuffle Bunny.

Arthur has worked at DCPL for over 10 years. An avid student of both the sciences and the arts, his interests are wide-ranging and include: reading, writing, music, mathematical logic, Blender 3d modeling, physics, geology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, philosophy of all stripes, and of course, thinking. His favorite books are Dandelion WineThe Canterbury Tales, and One Hundred Years of Solitude, but seriously, if you throw anything fantasy/magic realism at him, he’ll become your best friend.

Camille has worked at DCPL for fifteen years and there’s no place she’d rather be. Her hobbies and interests include reading, writing, crossword puzzles, and movie watching (especially the ones that give you a good cry). She enjoys any book that grabs you by the collar, pulls you into the story and keeps you captive until the very end. She has recently become an avid reader of Fantasy Fiction. Some of her favorites books include: The Divergent and Hunger Games series, The Help, The Husband’s Secret and James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series.

Dea Anne’s favorite libraries include the Trinity College Library, the New York Public Library, the public library in Orlando, FL where she received her first library card and, of course, DCPL where she has happily worked for over five years now. Her passions include travel, gardening, cooking, vintage fashion, any sort of word game, and going to the beach. Some of her favorite books are Pride and Prejudice; Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; The Lost Art of Dress, and anything by M. F. K. Fisher. She is one of the few people she knows who actually enjoys housework.

Glenda has been with DCPL since 2008. She started as a library technician and is now a librarian. She joined the DCPLive bloggers’ team because she thought it would be interesting and that it would help develop new skills. Glenda is in her second year as a blogger–and she’s enjoying every minute.

Hope has been with DCPL for four years. She owned her own day spa business for ten years in South Carolina. Hope is a snobby reader in that she currently reads only nonfiction. She loves cats, movies, and House of Cards, but is not ready to admit that she is a secret devotee of South Park and Mad Magazine.

Jencey has worked at DCPL for three years.  She has a personal blog and has been published on other sites. When not reading and writing she enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, and going to the movies.

Joseph has been with DCPL for over eight years.  A devotee of the internet and an ardent lover of books, he also enjoys vegetarian food, maps, skill toys, art, nature, crossword puzzles, and learning new things.  He has a hard time picking favorites, but tends to read a lot of science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction, as well as the occasional mystery, historical fiction or literary title.

Get to Know Us!—Previous Bloggers

Amanda has worked with DCPL for over fifteen years and has been a librarian for more than  seven years. She has been a patron of the library system for over thirty years.  She is an avid outdoor person and lives on six acres in the woods. Amanda is a college football fanatic and plays a variety of instruments. Her favorite authors include C.J. Box and Nevada Barr.   She spends most of her spare time outside or playing music; sometimes she does both!

Heather has been a librarian with DCPL for over nine years.  She loves to solve mysteries, ask questions, drink coffee, daydream, listen to weird music, watch even stranger movies, talk philosophy and ideas, write run on sentences, ride bikes, collect toys from fast food restaurants, eat vegetarian tacos, and read books–especially teen novels.  The Giver, On the Road, Generation X, Jude the Obscure, and The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog are her current favorite books; however, these are always subject to change.

An honorary librarian, Jimmy does mostly web stuff for DCPL.  When he is not busy geeking out, he likes to write poetry, bike around town, and eat Thai food.  Some of his favorite books are  In Watermelon Sugar, Lydia Davis short stories, A High Wind in Jamaica and anything by Roald Dahl.

J’nai worked with DCPL for over two years. Her interests: singing, playing guitar, writing, french fries, animals, thrift stores, old things, the past and traditions. And books, of course. Her favorites are: Cry The Beloved Country, Shutting Out The Sun, Native Son, Paint it Black,  the Harry Potters and unauthorized biographies of famous people.

Jesse worked for DCPL in various capacities for over 10 years.  He is a voracious reader, avid gamer, juggling practitioner, and internet enthusiast. He reads books of all types but particularly enjoys Science Fiction and Fantasy. Some of his favorites include Anathem, Altered Carbon, The Golden Age trilogy, and the ASOIAF series.

Lesley has been a librarian for more than 20 years. She remembers the card catalog but she doesn’t miss it. She likes newspapers, new Sharpies and comics. Some of her favorite books are Alice in Wonderland, Perfection Salad, The Stupids Die and The Principles of Uncertainty.

Nolan worked as a librarian with DCPL for over eight years.  She likes travel, spring, key-lime pie, and Weebles.  Nolan and her husband live in a really old house full of books, which they share with an extraordinarily large cat named Gecko.  Some of her favorite books include The Time Traveler’s WifeAmerican Gods, Candide, Jane Eyre, The Metamorphosis, and Bark, George.

Rebekah, trained as a fine artist (painting and drawing), has always cherished books, writing, dreaming by day and night, and exploration of the powers of the imagination, both personal and collective. She went to live in Paris, France, when she was 19 years old, to study art and to discover the intricacies of life. That great adventure lasted far beyond the initial year she had intended to spend there, and she ended up living in and around Paris for nearly 18 years. Before working at DCPL, she graduated from the French national fine arts school (ENSBA), painted and showed her work, and was employed by the RMN (National Museums) in France as well as by an international photo press agency. She came back to the U.S. with her son in 2004 and joyfully discovered blogging, gardening, and homeownership.

Veronica has been with DCPL for over 25 years. She started when Decatur was still Maude Burrus. She had her first job in a library when she was 14 and paged at the Columbia University Teachers’ College Library in NY. She enjoys most genres, as long as they are well written, however her favorite is historical fiction. Give her a four or five hundred page saga, with several sequels and she is happy. Sara Donati, Georgette Heyer, Clive CusslerTerri Blackstock and Catherine Cookson are just a few of her favorite authors.