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New Libraries

Jan 13 2014

The Library Without Books

by Hope L

I read in a recent issue of Time magazine (October 7, “Smoked Stacks”) that  “in 2002, Arizona’s Tucson-Pima Public Library system opened a branch without books, the first in the U.S. to attempt an all-digital existence.  But just a few years later, the library phased in printed materials.  Patrons demanded them.”

“I don’t think people could really envision a library without any books in it,” says Susan Husband, the Santa Rosa Branch manager.

My, how times have changed! San Antonio’s new Bexar County Digital Library is now touted as the nation’s only all-digital public library.

“The $2.4 million, 4,000-sq.-ft. space, also known as BiblioTech, opened September 14 and has been likened to an orange-hued Apple Store.  Stocked with 10,000 e-books, 500 e-readers, 48 computers and 20 iPads and laptops, the digital library includes a children’s area, community rooms and a Starbucksesque cafe to encourage collaboration among patrons in an inviting space.  And it will have zero print materials.”

Go ahead, call me old-fashioned—I just don’t  like the idea of a library without books.

According to the Time article, “The library is no longer the place where you walk in and the thing you pay the most attention to is the book collection,” says American Library Association President Maureen Sullivan. “It’s now a place where you’re immediately attuned to the variety of ways that people are making use of that space.”

Yikes!  Libraries with0ut books?  That’s like Superman without his cape,  a lemonade stand without anything to drink, a gym without weights, or politics without scandals.

It just won’t be the same. Luckily, DCPL still has both physical and non-physical books. If you’re after non-physical books, you can download some through the library’s free OverDrive eBooks and downloadable audiobooks service.


Jun 15 2011

Stonecrest has arrived!

by Dea Anne M

DCPL’s newest branch is finally open! It is, of course, the Stonecrest branch located at 3123 Klondike Road in Lithonia. The library is beautiful and well worth coming by just to see, but be sure to check out the collection as well. Tons of great titles are now available and waiting for you!

While you’re in the area, don’t miss any of the other attractions that this part of the county has to offer. The Stonecrest Mall is right down the road from the library and offers tons of delicious shopping opportunities and dining options as well as entertainment. Also nearby is Arabia Mountain Heritage Area which includes a great multi-use trail and a beautiful nature preserve. Just a short drive away in Conyers is the Monastery of the Holy Spirit a contemplative order of Trappists monks. The monastery creates bonsai and bonsai products for sale as well as stained glass. Retreats and group visits are available, and while you probably won’t talk to any of the monks (the order takes vows of silence), you can soak in the beauty and peace that abounds here.

Not an attraction per se, but definatly worth knowing about, is the Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort located at 4158 Klondike Road. These folks are dedicated to wild animal rescue and rehabilitation so if you find an injured or lost animal you will know who to contact.

So get yourself to Lithonia soon and check it all out!


Apr 4 2011

Hurry up, Hairston Crossing!

by Patricia D

It’s coming.   The staff of the Processing Center spent several weeks in 2010 opening great big boxes, comparing the contents of said boxes to packing slips and shelving the contents.  The contents?  BOOKS! Thousands of shiny, new books.  They look wonderful on the shelves and over the course of our visits to shelve we’ve watched the furniture go in, the counter tops get settled in place and the landscaping get tidied up.  It’s exciting to imagine the day that wonderful new collection (with some golden oldies as well) flies off the shelves and into the hands of eager DCPL patrons.

Not much longer folks!


Apr 7 2010

Welcome Back To Embry Hills!

by Jnai W

Embry Hills Staff Members: (l-r) Zakiyyah Williams, Deborah Stone, Frieda Lesser, Ann Wooten and Jnai Walker

After a year of renovation, remodeling and expansion, the Embry Hills branch is now open to the public again. The little neighborhood branch on Chamblee-Tucker Rd. has undergone a dramatic transformation in size (an additional 4,000 sq.ft.  of space) and appearance.

Over this past weekend, the Embry Hills community had the opportunity to get a glimpse of their newly expanded library at Saturday’s  re-dedication ceremony.  Library staff, patrons and esteemed community members, including Library Trustees Eleanor Duke, Elizabeth Joyner and Dr. Curtis Clark and DeKalb County Commissioner for District 7, Connie Stokes, were on hand to commemorate the re-opening and to tour the facility. Thus far, community response has been positive (so much so that several patrons have already joined Embry Hills’ nascent Friends group).

Amber Northrop, Embry Hills Staff Member

For their part, the Embry Hills community has been quite patient with the expansion process, so they deserve our thanks and appreciation (The staff also greatly appreciates the patron who offered us a gift of chocolate truffles on our opening day! Thanks, Ms. Wieder!)

With excitement and anticipation running high, Embry Hills officially re-opened its doors on Monday at 11 am. In the first few hours, foot traffic was light but, as staff suspected, patrons began trickling in at around  2 pm, likely still operating on Embry Hills’ former business hours. But with an expanded space come additional hours of operation, so please be sure to visit us on  Mondays and Tuesdays from 11 am to 8 pm and on Wednesdays through Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm. For pictures of Embry Hills’ dedication and of the new building click here to see our Flickr page.


Jan 15 2010

Out with the Old and in with the New

by Amanda L

Old Tucker library

Old Tucker library

I have had the honor over the last few weeks to help move the Tucker library from the old location to its new location. I say honor for several reasons. I grew up in the Tucker area and used the library since I was around four years old. I also worked at the branch from 1996-2001.

I worked the last day at the old location and it was truly a mix of emotions for many community members who came in and for myself. Did you know that the old location was built in 1965 and the entire library was contained in what we currently know as the Children’s area? The office in the Children’s area was the staff workroom and circulation area. The library opened with air conditioning which was uncommon for the time period. ( I remember on a hot summer day jumping for joy at a visit to the library to stand in front of the unit to cool off.)  The meeting room in the old location was the recreation center. Many of us that grew up in the 1970’s took ballet and other classes in that space. The space was renovated in the mid-1980’s.

Removing the materials from the building was physical work for the entire staff. We had movers to get the materials from the old location to the new. The staff however had to physically remove the material from the shelves and either box or place them in rolling containers. I can say now with experience that you don’t need a gym if you are moving a library.

Tucker_newThe dedication of the new library will be on Saturday, January 23 at 11:00 a.m. The library will be reopen for business on Monday, January 25, 2010.  It has been exciting to see all the new areas the Tucker library will hold. A few of my favorites are the fireplace, the teen area, the study carrels with their built-in electrical plugs and the wireless network.  The Library has posted many pictures of the new location on our Flickr page.  If you come by the new location, let me know what you like best about the new library. Post your best here, we would love to know what you think.


Apr 9 2009

Check out the new libraries

by Lesley B

The new Tucker libraryLots of construction going on here at the DeKalb County Public Library and you can get a sneak peek at some of the new facilities by heading over to DCPL’s Flickr page.  Here’s the new Tucker library and the Northlake-Barbara Loar  and Toco Hill-Avis G. Williams libraries are looking good. You can get more information about all the building projects on the New Libraries page.


Nov 8 2008

Hard Hat Zone!

by DCPLive

Recent pictures from the Toco Hill and Northlake construction sites:



Jul 14 2008

Bye Bye Toco Hill


Things are underway at the new Toco Hill branch. Here are a few pictures from the demolition earlier this week. Click on the individual picture to enlarge:


Mar 6 2008

Toco Hill All Packed Up!

by Jimmy L

As some of you may know, the Toco Hill-Avis G. Williams Branch was closed in January so that construction on a new library can begin. This is very exciting for us, but it’s also the beginning of a lot of work including packing up all the books into boxes! Below you’ll find some pictures of this laborious process.