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13 Reasons Why

Apr 30 2008

13 Reasons Why

by Amanda L

You just received a package on your
front porch with no return address. Is it a bomb?  Who sent it? As you
daringly open the package, you find 7 cassette tapes inside. The
questions run through your mind. Who sent these cassette tapes? Where
am I going to find a cassette player? Why was I sent the cassette tapes?

Upon acquiring a cassette player, you pop in
the first tape. The voice on the machine is familiar. It sounds like
Hannah, a student in your class and a girl you have had a crush on. She
committed suicide a few weeks ago. As her voice fills the headphones,
she begins to explain why you received the mysterious cassette tapes.
She explains that each tape is dedicated to a specific person who was
partially to blame for her ending her life. But you received the
package.  What did you ever do that led to her death? You liked her and
were trying to get the courage to get to know her better. Who else has
received the package of tapes and why?


Check out 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I couldn’t put the book down and
have not talked to anyone else that was able to pry the book out of
their hands!! Once you are finished reading, please come back and let
us know what you thought about the book.