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breaking dawn

Jun 1 2011

Perilous devotion

by Dea Anne M

I’ve become hooked on the HBO series A Game of Thrones which is based, of course, on the first book in the wildly popular epic fantasy series A Song of Fire and Ice written by George R. R. Martin. My fellow blogger Jesse has posted here before on the excellence of Martin’s work and I have to say that  I am now looking forward to reading the books myself.

So what’s it like to be the creator of such a beloved series of books? Maybe the title of this post overstates the issue, but the New Yorker recently ran an interesting article about George R. R. Martin and his unique relationship with his fans. The devotion of of Martin’s readers has inspired such actions as naming children after characters in the books and establishing series related blogs  (like this one featured in Jesse’s recent post).  The series, originally planned as a trilogy, is now supposed to ultimately encompass seven books. Four books have been published already and a fifth volume,  A Dance With Dragons, will be appearing on July 12th this year.  Given the passion with which some readers regard A Song of Fire and Ice added to the fact that the previous title in the series, A Feast for Crows, appeared in 2005, it might not be surprising that some readers behave in a fashion that might seem a little…unhinged. Apparently, Martin has received unpleasant comments when he has posted about sporting events or vacations on his blog and there are a few blogs run by disaffected fans including one called Finish the Book, George.

How far will readers go to make their displeasure known and to what lengths will writers go to keep fans happy?

In 1893, Arthur Conan Doyle, who wanted to devote more of his time to historical fiction, “killed off” Sherlock Holmes. The outcry from fans of the intrepid detective was so great and prolonged that Doyle finally brought Holmes back to life in the 1901 short story “The Adventure of the Empty House” (included in The Complete Sherlock Holmes).

In 2008, fans of Stephanie Meyers’ extremely popular Twilight series were so disappointed with the final book, Breaking Dawn, that calls went out for readers to return books to their point-of-purchase place as a form of consumer protest. Meyers’ reaction on her website was a fairly sensible (to me, anyway) statement  “In the end, it’s just a book.”

In 2002, Maori novelist Witi Ihimaera, author of The Whale Rider,  began re-writing five previously published novels because he felt that they did not accurately reflect the political realities of the time in which they were set. He guaranteed to pay refunds to any reader unhappy with the new version of a title. As of the summer of 2009, he had paid out $673.

Finally who could forget the ultimate dissatisfied fan, Annie Wilkes? Memorably played by Kathy Bates in the 1990 film Misery based on Stephen King’s novel by the same name, Annie’s deadly antics as a novelist’s “number one fan” could chill the blood of even the most stalwart of writers. It’s enough to make you think twice about killing off a character…or even approaching the keyboard at all!


Dec 4 2008

Twilight: the movie

by Ginny C

We’ve talked about Breaking Dawn before it was released and after we’d had a chance to read it. So now let’s talk about the theatrical release of Twilight.

I will admit to thoroughly enjoying it. The acting, however, was sometimes excruciatingly bad and Carlyle’s make-up was awful. Those minor quibbles aside, I thought it was pretty good. It stayed true to the book, which I think some fans were worried about. And, Robert Pattinson made the perfect Edward in my opinion, although I know some people will disagree with that.

Now it’s your turn. Have you seen it? Did you see the midnight show on November 20 (like I did) or wait for a more reasonable time to see it? Did it meet your expectations? Did you catch author Stephenie Meyer’s cameo?


Sep 17 2008

Breaking Dawn

by Ginny C

WARNING:  This post may contain spoilers.  Do not read ahead if you haven’t read the book.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way.  Several weeks ago when Breaking Dawn was released, I wrote a post asking what you thought would happen and what you hoped would happen.  It’s been over a month since it was published and it’s time for a follow-up to see if it met or exceeded your expectations.  Or if it completely failed and you would rather pretend it had never been written.

I have conflicting feelings about it.  It’s nice to have it wrapped up and see everyone live happily ever (and ever and ever, in some cases) after.  But, I did not care for Renesmee or her storyline with Jacob.  That minor quibble aside, I thought it mostly lived up to my expectations.

So, your feelings about Breaking Dawn?  Did you love it?  Did you hate it?  Do you have a favorite in the series?  Share your opinions in the comments.  And don’t forget that Twilight the movie comes out November 21.  We’ll meet back here again after it’s released to discuss it, the actors, and how true it was to the book.


Jul 23 2008

Breaking Dawn

by Ginny C

It’s almost here.  Breaking Dawn, the much anticipated fourth novel in the Twilight saga, will be released on August 2.  Are you as excited as I am?  What do you think will happen?  Will Bella turn into a vampire?  Does Edward convince her to remain human?  What happens with Jacob?  Though I am firmly on Team Edward, I have a soft spot for Jacob and his unrequited love for Bella.

So what’s your plan for getting your hands on Breaking Dawn?  Have you pre-ordered it?  Are you going to be first in line at the bookstore on August 2?  Or perhaps, like me, you’ve already put a library copy on hold.

Let us know in the comments what you think will happen and what you hope will happen.  (Please no spoilers if you’ve somehow had access to the book before it’s been published.)  Be sure to check back in a few weeks for another post after we’ve had a chance to read (and re-read) Breaking Dawn.  We’ll share what we liked and didn’t like about it.