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Oct 13 2008

Happy Columbus Day

by Amanda L

According to the Britannica Online Encyclopedia, Columbus Day was originally celebrated on October 12 of each year. The day commemorates Christopher Columbus’s landing in the new world on October 14, 1492. The holiday was later changed in 1971 to the second Monday of October. Did you know that Spain and Italy also commemorate the landing of Christopher Columbus? Spanish speaking countries of the Americas commemorate the landing with a day they call Día de la Raza. It is translated in English  as either the day of the race or the day of the people. They focus on the native people in the Americas and not on the landing itself.  The Britannica Online Encylopedia can be accessed from our Reference Database page under the Encylcopedia and Directories category.   Want to learn more about this holiday? Check out this list of titles the Library owns.