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Apr 13 2009

You have got to see this!

by Amanda L

How often have you seen a movie and just died to share it with someone? Has a particular movie made such an impact on your life that you have seen it like a million times?  For me, two of my favorite movies of all time (that the Library owns) are My Cousin Vinny and the Sound of Music. Anyone watching these movies with me has to endure my reciting the lines verbatim. The Sound of Music made such an impact on my sister and me that we recreated the movie over and over after seeing it on the big screen.


Have you ever wondered what some of the stars’ favorite movies are? I found an interesting book in our collection called,  You gotta to see this: more than 100 of Hollywood’s best reveal and discuss their favorite movies. There are several movies mentioned at least two times by the stars. These were On the Waterfront, Claudine, Casablanca , Terms of Endearment and Taxi Driver.

It was interesting to me to read what each star stated as their favorite movie and try to figure out the reason why. Sometimes, at least according to me, it depended on the star’s age. If it was a director who was giving his/her’s favorite picks, it aligned with the Oscar picks.  Some of the more interesting films picked were: Purple Rain, Anchorman, Bad News Bears, Sugar Cane Alley, Blues Brothers, Say Anything and The Bad Sleep Well.

What is your favorite film and why? If you have read or skimmed this book, what did you find interesting about the stars’ picks? Just like our favorite books, I believe that our situation at a particular time and our experiences influence our favorites. What about you?


Feb 5 2009

Books Fit for a President

by Jimmy L

There’s no doubt that President Obama has a huge job ahead of him, so it comes as no surprise that he may need some advice on many different topics, including what books to read.  The editors of Washington Monthly recently asked many respected writers and thinkers for what they think the president should read and why.  The library has many, but not all, of these books, including:

And some of the recommendations are available on the web

What book would you recommend for President Obama?  Feel free to leave a comment.

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Nov 1 2007

Read Like the Stars

by Jimmy L

Want a book recommendation from Jimmy Carter?  Wondering what Cher likes to read?  Well wonder no more.  Head on over to the Who Reads What webpage, where celebrities recommend their favorite books. 

The Who Reads What project started in 1988 when librarian Glenna Nowell was looking for a new way to promote the books that were already on the shelves in her library.  Since then, the list has attracted many different celebrities to respond and has enjoyed enormous popularity all over the world.

Here is just a small sampling of the hundreds of recommendations you can find on the Who Reads What page:

The late actor Robert Mitchum recommended Borderliners by Peter Høeg.  (“A search for the structure of time in crippled adolescence”)

Singer Annie Lennox recommends When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön (“I very much recommend this book to anyone who is struggling to come to terms with how to apply philosophical concepts to the ordinary struggles of daily life.”).

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the late naval explorer, recommended People by Peter Spier (“Beyond its charm, it is a smiling lesson of ecology. I am impatient to share my delight with my grandchildren.”)

Children’s author R.L. Stine recommends Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury (“This book is a wonderful recreation of a time and place – small town life that is all but forgotten”)

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