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christian fiction

Sep 16 2011

Christian Fiction

by Amanda L

Have you read any Christian Fiction lately? I remember a decade ago, people telling me that Christian Fiction was too preachy and flowery. Today’s Christian Fiction stretches just about any genre (category) that you will see in regular fiction. As some people would say, it’s not your mama’s Christian Fiction.

Below is a sampling of the types of subgenres and a few authors you might want to explore within those genres. The better known author in each subgenre is listed first.  I hope this helps you explore this genre or expand your choices. Interested in one of the authors listed? A list of books by the author can be located by clicking on the author’s name.


Jacquelin Thomas  Rhonda Bowen Tifanny L.Warren
Kendra Norman-Bellamy Victoria Christopher Murray 


 Beverly Lewis Beth Wiseman Mary Ellis


 Francine Rivers   Robbin Jone Gunn
Robin L. Hatcher Kim Vogel Sawyer
 Karen Kingsbury


 Ted Dekker Tim LaHaye
Jerry B. Jenkins Wayne T. Batson

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