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foodie fiction

Feb 9 2011

Foodie Fiction

by Dea Anne M

I was among the stacks the other day and a title caught my eye – American Cookery: A Novel by Laura Kalpakian. Readers of this blog may know by now how enamoured I am of all matters cuisine oriented, and fiction that uses food and cooking as a theme is a favorite. American Cookery does not disappoint on any level. A rich, sprawling saga set in Southern California during the early and middle 20th century, it features strong characters, beautifully observed detail, and a guiding motif that illustrates the centrality of food and cooking in family life.

…the good cook wastes nothing, uses everything – and not just everything in the kitchen, but here and here.” Afton touched the top of her head and her heart.
— from American Cookery: A Novel by Laura Kalpakian.

Here are some other of my favorite titles in which cooking and food play a major role.

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel is a delicious novel that has to be on many lists of irresistible food oriented fiction.

Gertrudis got on her horse and rose away. She wasn’t riding alone – she carried her childhood beside her, in the cream fritters she had enclosed in a jar in her saddlebag.
— from Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel.

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