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Dec 1 2008

Georgia on My Mind

by Amanda L

Do the words Georgia on my Mind conjure up Ray Charles? It amazes me how many big name music stars and bands are from Georgia or have deep ties to this state. I thought I would list some fairly current artists that have called Georgia or currently call Georgia home. The Library has music from everyone included in this list. The list crosses several genres and should give everyone a moment to be proud of a fellow Georgian. I confirmed that they had Georgia connections and gathered the biographical information from our database Biography Resource Center (under History and Biography) or allmusic.com.

In the Popular genre, there are many names that come to mind, Monica was born in College Park. She, along with Brandy, won a Grammy Award for Best R & B performance by a duo (1999). Usher is another artist who, although born in Dallas, Texas, is claimed by Atlanta. His family moved to Atlanta because of the city’s reputation for launching R & B careers. He has won many Grammy Awards including Best Male R&B Performance (2001 & 2002).

Athens, Georgia has been known for launching many bands. The best known band is R.E.M. This band is still around and cranking out music after their debut album in 1983. A more current band from Athens is the Drive-By Truckers. The band is made up of members who claim either Georgia or Alabama as home. [read the rest of this post…]


Jujub_headshot JuJu B. Solomon, a resident of DeKalb County Georgia, was recently named Best Local Singer/Songwriter in the Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta 2007 issue.  His self titled debut album is out on New Street Records and can be found at Decatur CD.  Recently, I caught up with JuJu B. (known simply as Benjamin when he’s not performing).

Q: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview, Benjamin.  I really enjoy the strange and personal musings on your self titled album.  Many of them border on an uncomfortable awkwardness.  Do the songs come out of meditation, or are the songs a meditation in themselves to help you think through things?

My best friend suggested that I sings songs and play the guitar to soothe myself and explore my failures in a safe space. She’s a psychologist trained in a cognitive technique called EMDR, which is similar to hypnosis, in which patients explore painful memories while the therapist provides a bilateral movement for the patient to focus their eyes on (typically a finger moving back and forth across the line of sight).

[read the rest of this post…]

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