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Mar 31 2009

Take a bite out of crime

by Heather S

crimetracThe DeKalb County Police Department’s website has an informative new feature – CRIMETRAC.  CRIMETRAC enables people to search for crimes committed in unincorporated DeKalb County.  As part of the Department’s Interactive Community Policing initiative, CRIMETRAC’s goal is to “reduce the fear of crime through better informed citizenry and improve the quality of life in DeKalb County.”

CRIMETRAC uses Google Maps and an advanced geographic engine to map reported crimes.  You can search by address or crime type, as well as limit searches to specific types of crime, time period and/or distance from an address.  The site doesn’t provide detailed information; it does offer a case number, the date and time the crime was committed, the type of crime, and the block where the crime was committed.  It’s super easy to navigate, and the graphical interface clearly shows what types of crime are happening around the county.  The information posted is also current.  There are crimes that were reported in the wee hours of this morning that are already on the website!

If you want to track crime and stay informed of what’s going on in your neighborhood, this is a great site to bookmark or set up email alerts for a specific area.


Aug 21 2008

Strange Maps!

by Jimmy L

If you love maps as much as I do, you will love this blog I found recently. It’s called Strange Maps and every few days a new map is posted. These are not your run of the mill Rand McNally. They are strange for a reason: whether it’s a genetic map of Europe, a map of the forgotten state of Absaroka (yes, it did exist!), or a map of Canada made out of cheese, you will find it here! I couldn’t help spending countless hours reading these posts the other day. Not only are the maps fascinating, the blog author provides detailed explanations (to the best of his knowledge) and analysis… and sometimes even mini-history lessons of the region and/or time.

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