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IMGP3034aa43xWe are less than a week away from Thanksgiving Day so I thought I would count down 10 things I am thankful for about my library.

10. The Twitter feed that gives me interesting quotes, facts and heads up on library events.

9. The variety of programs that I can attend. (I personally like the musical programs, the new movie series and that the teens are developing some of their own programs.)

8. The DCPL Facebook page (I feel more connected to my community and love seeing some of the dialogue.)

7. The downloadable eAudiobooks some of which can be found in MP3 format. (Check out NetLibrary using GALILEO).  eAudiobooks are only available from outside the library buildings.

6. The number of electronic resources that are available to me for free as a member of the Library. (Check out the Reference Database page.)

5. The e-mail pre-notification that I get when my material is almost due.

4. The variety of movies that are available on DVD.

3. The hold request system. It is great to think of a book, go to the computer, place a request and have the item sent to my current branch. (It usually takes very little time if the item is in. My home library-not this county- takes usually several weeks even with the book on the shelf.)

2.  The wi-fi that is becoming available to more branches. (It works perfectly with my iPod touch and I can surf on my lunch hour.)

1. The variety of books available for my reading pleasure. If the library does not have it, I can suggest that they consider buying a copy for the system or I can use the Interlibrary Loan service to borrow the book from another library system.

What are you thankful about your library? Would you rank my top ten list differently?


Oct 19 2009

College Football

by Amanda L

We are entering the second half of the college football season. There have been some surprises with some of the teams and some domination by others. The top three teams have stayed on top for the entire year.  To celebrate college football, I thought I would highlight some great football films and books celebrating this great past time. There are three films that I always want to watch when preparing or celebrating this pastime. They are:

Remember the Titans




We are Marshall


Here are a few books celebrating college football:

About them Dawgs! Georgia football’s memorable teams and players


Dixieland Delight: a football season on the road in the Southeastern Conference


Bragging rights: a season inside the SEC, football’s toughest conference


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Apr 13 2009

You have got to see this!

by Amanda L

How often have you seen a movie and just died to share it with someone? Has a particular movie made such an impact on your life that you have seen it like a million times?  For me, two of my favorite movies of all time (that the Library owns) are My Cousin Vinny and the Sound of Music. Anyone watching these movies with me has to endure my reciting the lines verbatim. The Sound of Music made such an impact on my sister and me that we recreated the movie over and over after seeing it on the big screen.


Have you ever wondered what some of the stars’ favorite movies are? I found an interesting book in our collection called,  You gotta to see this: more than 100 of Hollywood’s best reveal and discuss their favorite movies. There are several movies mentioned at least two times by the stars. These were On the Waterfront, Claudine, Casablanca , Terms of Endearment and Taxi Driver.

It was interesting to me to read what each star stated as their favorite movie and try to figure out the reason why. Sometimes, at least according to me, it depended on the star’s age. If it was a director who was giving his/her’s favorite picks, it aligned with the Oscar picks.  Some of the more interesting films picked were: Purple Rain, Anchorman, Bad News Bears, Sugar Cane Alley, Blues Brothers, Say Anything and The Bad Sleep Well.

What is your favorite film and why? If you have read or skimmed this book, what did you find interesting about the stars’ picks? Just like our favorite books, I believe that our situation at a particular time and our experiences influence our favorites. What about you?


Mar 2 2009

Slow Down, Zombies at Play

by Nolan R

If you’re stopping by the Decatur Library today or tomorrow, you might have to detour around the zombies.  No, they won’t be at the Library, but just down the street.  The Decatur Metro blog reports that the film Zombieland will be filming a couple of short scenes in downtown Decatur on March 2nd and March 3rd–one at the Hi-Tech gas station on the corner of N. Candler St. and E. Ponce de Leon Ave., and the other at the intersection of N. Candler and Sycamore St.  The section of N. Candler between E. Howard Ave. and Sycamore St. will be closed for approximately 4 hours, according to Sony Pictures.

The Hi-Tech station has been transformed into the Gas N’ Gulp for the filming.  There’s no word on whether or not the film’s stars Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone will be on location for the Decatur scenes.  Most of the filming so far has taken place in Valdosta, GA, and the film is scheduled to be released October 9, 2009.

If you’re interested in other movies filmed in Georgia, make sure to go back and check out Amanda’s previous post!

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Feb 18 2009

Civil Rights on Film

by Jimmy L

Film Love is an on-going Atlanta film series at The Eyedrum Gallery and occasionally at other venues as well.  Its stated goal is to provide “access to great but rarely-screened films, and promotes awareness of the rich history of experimental and avant-garde filmmaking.”  Over the years I’ve been to many really great screenings of films that are not released anywhere on DVD or VHS.

This year Film Love is presenting a series of movies about African Americans’ struggle for civil rights.  The Civil Rights on Film series starts this Friday, February 20th and features four nights of rare films on African-American life, 1941-1967.  To learn more about the films, please visit their website.  Many of these films are not available anywhere else, so don’t miss this opportunity!  Note: the films will be screened at three different locations, so check the website for where each movie will be held.


Sep 4 2008

Movies Filmed in Georgia

by Amanda L

A couple of years ago, I became intrigued by movies filmed in Georgia. Having lived in Georgia most of my life, I like to watch these movies and try to figure out where they were filmed. Many times, you can look up a movie title in the Internet Movie Database and it will give you an option to see where a movie was filmed.

Several movies have been filmed in and around DeKalb County. If you have watched Remember the Titans, you might recognize the stairwell where Coach Boone and Coach Youst confront each other. It can be found on the campus of the Druid Hills high school. The practice field shots were filmed at Shamrock middle school. Sharkey’s Machine was filmed in part at the old Columbia Mall before it became the Avondale Mall, and which today is a Wal-Mart.

A Man Named Peter was one of the first movies filmed in Georgia. It was released in 1955. It was not until Deliverance that Georgia began to be thought of as a place to film movies and later television shows. One of my favorite movies is My Cousin Vinny. It was filmed mainly in Covington, Georgia and surrounding counties. It won an Oscar for Marisa Tomei as Best Supporting Actress. It was also during the filming, that Joe Pesci received his Oscar for GoodFellas. Additional movies that have been filmed in Georgia are  We are Marshall and The Gospel.

Tyler Perry has filmed all of his films around Atlanta. His newest movie The Family that Preys was filmed in Atlanta and Covington. While you wait for the newest movie filmed in Georgia to be released in the theaters, you might enjoy one of thirty movies that we own at DCPL that were filmed in Georgia. You can check out a partial list of movies filmed in Georgia here or feel free to stop by the Decatur Reference Desk for the list I have compiled through the years.


Aug 5 2008

The Summer for Comic Book Lovers

by Heather S

This has truly been the summer for those who love comic books and the superheroes who fight crime in them. We have seen history being made with the release of the latest in the Batman saga – The Dark Knight grossing over $155 million dollars in a weekend, beating the record set by Spiderman 3. We have also seen the launch and hopefully permanent establishment of Marvel Studios with the successful release of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

By now, you may be asking yourself why would the Library blog about movies based on comic books. Well, I am glad you asked. Since the Library is the place that has a little for everyone, we also have something for comic book lovers. We have books for those interested in learning more about the superheroes and their origins, we have quite a few of the films and cartoons on DVDs and we even have a few comic books. So the next time you are in between movies and want to refresh your memory, check out the library. We may have just what you need. Below is a select list of what we have available.

Ultimate Guides, Origin Stories, & Encyclopedias

Comics & Graphic Novels

  • Batman series
  • Essential X-Men
  • Fantastic Four
  • Justice League International
  • Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes
  • Ultimate Spiderman

Movies & Cartoons

  • Blade Trilogy
  • Daredevil
  • Fantastic Four
  • Hellboy
  • Hulk
  • Justice League
  • Justice League Unlimited
  • Spiderman Trilogy
  • Superman Trilogy
  • Teen Titans
  • X-Men Trilogy

NOTE: This post has been brought to you by Tamika S!


This month offers some great movies to celebrate African-American History Month.  Catching a movie at the Library provides a great way to get to know your neighbors, promote a sense of community, and a chance to discuss the movie with others.

Lunch and a Movie at the Redan-Trotti Library

Bring your lunch and enjoy a great movie!

Pride Pride: Based on the true story of inner-city Philadelphia swim coach, Jim Ellis, Pride tells the story of how Ellis, from his roots in North Carolina, goes on to build a swim team in one of Philadelphia’s toughest neighborhoods. Rated PG. Saturday, February 16 at 12 noon.

Dreamgirls: Three young women with dreams of stardom discover exactly what it means to make it in the music business and the sacrifices they must make to realize their dream. Based on the book by Tom Eyen. Rated PG-13. Saturday, February 23 at 12 noon.

Movies at the Flat Shoals Library

Popcorn provided!

Talk to Me: This film tells the true story of Washington D.C. radio personality Ralph “Petey” Greene (Don Cheadle), an ex-con who became a popular talk show host and community activist in the 1960s.  Adult program: please note this film is rated R for pervasive language.  Tuesday, February 12, 6:00 PM. Talktome

Boycott: On December 1, 1955, one black woman refused to give up her seat on a “whites only” section of a public bus. The bus stopped.  Montgomery, Alabama stopped. Rated PG. Tuesday, February 26 at 6:00 PM.

Movies at the Scott Candler Library
Raisin_in_the_sun_2 A Raisin in the Sun: Based on the award winning play by Lorraine Hansberry, A Raisin in the Sun tells the story of the Great Migration of blacks from the South to the Northern U.S. during the first half of the 20th century. Starring Sidney Poitier and Ruby Dee. Not Rated.  Tuesday, February 26 at 6:00 PM.

Sarafina!: In a world where truth is forbidden, an inspiring teacher dares to instill in her students lessons not found in schoolbooks. In doing so, she challenges their freedom and hers. Starring Whoopi Goldberg. Rated PG-13. Tuesday, February 12 at 12 noon.
Movies at the Covington LibraryDowninthedelta

Down in the Delta: A troubled single mother from a tough Chicago neighborhood is sent to spend a summer at her family’s home in rural Mississippi. Directed by Maya Angelou. Rated PG-13. Saturday, February 16 at 11:30 AM.
Check out other great movie choices at the library HERE, including independent films, movies for seniors, and classic films.


Jan 24 2008

Persepolis Comes to the Big Screen

by Jimmy L

Two of the best books I checked out of the library last year were the graphic novels/memoirs Persepolis and its sequel Persepolis 2: the story of a return by Marjane Satrapi, so when I found out recently that the books have been made into a movie, I was thrilled! Marjane is 9 years old in the story, and we see her grow up in war torn Iran. She goes through many of the same trials that people all over the world go through when growing up, including rebelliousness and finding an identity. But she has the added challenge of trying to lead a normal life while living through the Islamic Revolution. Marjane has a unique visual style, and both graphic novels are a pleasure to read and flip through. Instead of using actors, the movie is in the style of the novels, with more original drawings and animations by Marjane.

With all the things happening over in the Middle East these days, it’s nice to see something from the perspective of someone who is from that area. I was attracted to the many hardships and differences she had growing up, but even more so by how similar our experiences were, even though we grew up worlds apart! It’s a very moving and personal story that I would recommend wholeheartedly to everyone.

The movie will open at the Landmark Theater this Friday, January 25th. You can also find out more information about the movie at the official Persepolis page.

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Dec 13 2007

Tell Me That Joke Again!

by Jimmy L

Sometimes I just want to watch a funny movie, one that makes me laugh uncontrollably.  While there some good comedies being made today, I find myself drawn more and more to the classics.  These movies had witty and intelligent dialog that made me laugh all the way through and never feel “cheap”.  Don’t discount them just because they’re old.




It Happened One Night (DVD)
Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert star in this movie by Frank Capra which swept every major Academy Award.  It’s filled with great lines that often work on multiple (some very risqué) levels. 

Some Like It Hot (DVD)
Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis play two out of work musicians who dress up as women in order to join an all-girl band and escape a gang who are after their heads.  Marilyn Monroe also stars as one of the girls in the band.  Directed by Billy Wilder.

The Shop Around the Corner (VHS)
This Ernst Lubitsch film starring Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan was later remade into the 1998 romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail.  Other than the basic plotline, this movie is very different.  The performances are pitch perfect and the script is full of wit and charm.

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