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Jul 11 2011

Pack a book!

by Jesse M

For today’s post I’m going to share an interesting website a coworker recently turned me on to called Packabook. Here’s how it works: you select one of the 26 countries listed on the site, and Packabook will serve you up a list of fiction titles set in that country. The idea is that reading fiction set in a particular country brings that place and its history alive in a way that no guide book can, and that reading people’s stories encourages the understanding of difference in culture, religion and experience. Packabook can be an excellent resource for a prospective traveler attempting to get a feel for his/her intended destination beyond what the usual travel books convey, and also for those without the means or time available to journey to another country. Just reading a book set in a different and wonderful place can help you feel as if you have just visited the place itself. For more on the philosophy beyond Packabook, head over to their “About” page.

While clicking on most of the countries on the left hand sidebar simply takes you to a listing of books set therein, a few of the countries (including Spain, Australia, and Ireland) boast more detailed descriptions of their portrayal in literature and the cultural and historical themes that influence the authors.

Packabook is an excellent resource for travelers as well as those just looking to explore the world through the magic of books. Enjoy the journey!