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Patrick O’Brian

Mar 16 2011

A New Way to Explore History

by Joseph M

I’m a total geek for maps and history, so when my brother showed me this nifty webpage I couldn’t help but think it was really cool. The concept is a collaborative effort utilizing a Google programming tool which combines Google Maps with dynamic scrolling timelines to create “timemaps”; The one mentioned at the beginning of this post describes World War II, but the site also has a timemap for the American Civil War, and one on the Napoleonic Wars is in the works. The events on the timeline have brief explanations as well as links to articles in Wikipedia which flesh out the material. You can read more about the project here.

These innovative learning tools are just one part of a website chiefly involved in mapping the exploits of the main characters in Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey–Maturin series. I’m not personally familiar with the author’s work, but after exploring the maps I must admit that I’m becoming more interested. Luckily, the library has lots of O’Brian’s novels available for checkout, such as Master and Commander. We also have plenty of material about the various wars mentioned above, as well as conventional atlases to peruse. Embrace your inner history geek!