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Dec 28 2012

The Year in Pictures

by Jimmy L

Sometimes it’s hard to look back and remember everything that happened in the past year. But The Guardian has posted 19 beautiful photographs that sum it up pretty nicely, from the athletic feats at the Olympics to the election night moments in November. And this one, taken in Hoboken, New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy wrought its destruction:

Floods in Hoboken

A similar collection of iconic 2012 photographs is also up at the World Press Photo site. Dedicated to understanding the world through photojournalism, the site holds a yearly contest in several different categories including General News, People, Sports, Daily Life, Portraits, and many more. The following photo was the winner in the Nature category, and shows a desperate polar bear who has climbed up on a cliff face, trying (unsuccessfully) to feed on eggs from the nests of guillemots, in late July.

Cliff-climbing polar bear attempting to eat seabird eggs


Eruption of the Cordon del Caulle. (© Ricardo Mohr)

Eruption of the Cordon del Caulle. (© Ricardo Mohr)

National Geographic is currently holding its annual photography contest, and so far over 12000 images have been submitted for consideration. The Atlantic’s news photography blog In Focus has posted an entry showcasing some of the amazing photos that have been submitted thus far. If you like those, you can browse all the other submissions here, or view weekly editors picks. You can also check out some of last year’s winners. And if you’d like to submit an entry yourself, you’ve still got time, the deadline is November 30th.

You may also check out issues of National Geographic at the Library. Currently, all branches carry the magazine except for Hairston Crossing and Salem Panola Libraries.

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Dunwoody Library’s summer Teen Digital Photography Contest is over and the results are in! The nearly thirty photos received by teens ages 13-17 years old were judged by staff on creativity and originality. Teens took pictures of a variety of subjects and the results were very impressive, making it a hard contest to judge! In the end, these were the top three photos chosen:

First place goes to 17 year old Lauren Wray’s Where Sky Meets Sky.


Second place goes to 14 year old Caroline Melton’s Through the Hole in the Leaf.


Third place goes to 16 year old Kevin Guebert and his entry, Floating in an Ocean.


Great job to all the teens who participated! You can view all of the entries on DeKalb County Public Library’s Flickr page.

Many thanks to the Friends of the Dunwoody Library for making this contest possible.


Jul 10 2008

Seeing the Big Picture

by Jimmy L

If you love good photographs that help you get an inside look on current events, then check out The Big Picture. It’s a photojournalism website updated every few days with new high resolution photos like the one below.


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Mar 13 2008

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

by Jimmy L

I recently learned that Polaroid (the company) will no longer be producing Polaroids (the instant photos that we love so much)! Though the instantaneous nature of Polaroids aren’t as instantaneous as, say, digital photography, they still hold a special nostalgic value. Photos taken with this technology have a special look and feel that you can’t get from a digital camera or even a normal camera.

Artists have been quick to make the Polaroid into an art form. A quick search on the web yielded many results including Stefanie Schneider. I also learned that some artists have learned how to produce special effects with their Polaroid pictures, as seen here. To learn how to create this effect, see these instructions.

It’s no surprise that artists are lamenting this loss. If you’re like me and think that nothing can replace this unique medium, then maybe you can use the comfort of a few good books:

Land’s Polaroid : a company and the man who invented it by Peter C. Wensberg

Innovation/imagination : 50 years of Polaroid photography

Polaroid Land photography by Ansel Adams

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