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Mar 14 2012

The Books You’ve Always Meant To Read

by Joseph M

I was browsing through recent entries of a librarian blog I like when I came across a cool Depression-era poster created the Works Progress Administration, a New Deal agency which provided employment on public works projects for millions of Americans from 1935-1943.  According to the folks at Brainpickings.org who originally blogged on this topic, this is just one of many great posters produced by the WPA promoting various literacy projects of the time.

Seeing as we’re in the middle of March, I found this poster particularly suitable for today’s blog, and it got me to thinking about the many books I’ve been meaning to read for years but have never managed to get around to.  Running the gamut from “classics” of literature to more modern books that friends have recommended, my list of books to be read is quite long, and constantly growing.  I may not be able to fit too much in before April, but I’m looking forward to the challenge!

What books have you always meant to read?  Think you’ll find the time this month?