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Stephanie Plum novels

Nov 11 2011

A Plum of a Movie

by Amanda L

Over a decade ago, I was looking for a light read when a coworker suggested reading Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money. I must admit that the premise grabbed me at once because of my previous career. I used to work in retail security and my main job was to catch shoplifters. The main character, Stephanie Plum, is a bounty hunter for her cousin Vinny’s bail bondsman company. Stephanie’s job is to round up the people that Vinny throws her way and take them back to jail.

Janet Evanovich introduces a wide variety of, shall we say, interesting characters. Stephanie has two love interests that are always intersecting her life and job. There is Joe Morelli, a pretty straight laced cop who went to high school with Stephanie. Her other love interest is the not so kosher Ranger who is also a bounty hunter. Her family has a wide variety of characters, but my favorite is grandma. You never know what she will do or how she might potentially embarrass Stephanie. Each book in the series has a variety of mystery and murder (not to mention the different cars that are blown up…).

About ten years ago, I remember reading that someone had purchased the rights to the Stephanie Plum books to turn into movies. At that time, fans were deciding who would play which character. The one person that stood out for me was Estelle Getty to play grandma. Fast forward today, the movie is actually turning into reality. They have announced that Kathryn Heigl will be playing Stephanie, Debbie Reynolds will be playing grandma, Daniel Sunjata as Ranger and Jason O’Mara as Joe.

Here is the trailer for the upcoming movie.


For those of you who have not heard of this series, the Library has all seventeen titles of the series. For those Evanovich fans, what do you think about the casting? Who would you have liked to have seen as Stephanie, Joe, Ranger, Lulu or grandma?