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2009-11-6_Pre-K_Library_Class[2]Congratulations to Hightower Elementary School for being the first school in the DeKalb County School System to have all their pre-kindergarten students sign up for library cards! The undertaking was accomplished with the dedication of the pre-k teacher, Elaine Swartley, Hightower’s teacher-librarian, Kia Wansley, as well as the parents and the DeKalb County Public Library System. These people worked together to ensure that these children did not miss out on a free and wonderful opportunity, as children of any age in DeKalb County can receive library cards.

One of the best ways that you, as a parent, teacher, or caregiver can support literacy in children is to encourage them to use the library. The library has thousands of books, reference materials, audiobooks and educational videos as well as internet access and a wide variety of free programs specifically for children and teens.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by your local branch and sign your child up for a Library card today!  Adults may also apply online for a library card.


Sep 10 2008

Homework Help

by Ginny C

With school back in full swing, lots of students are coming to the library in need of homework help.  Books are great places to start when doing research for reports and projects.  Sometimes, though, the book your child needs just isn’t available.  More often, teachers are requiring students to use books AND articles.  We have several databases that are designed specifically for students in elementary, middle in high school.  They can be found here or by going to our homepage, clicking on Reference Databases under the Research tab and scrolling down to Student Resources.

Each database has a short description of the kind of information and the subject areas it covers to help you choose.  If you need help navigating the databases, library staff are always happy to help!


One of the best all-in-one websites I’ve used is www.gacollege411.org .

Screenshot Of gacollege411.org

This website is specific to Georgia colleges and universities, but there are other partner sites, which I’ll mention again a bit later.

I recommend beginning with the Getting Started tab on the far left. It won’t take long to look through these links, and the information on how to use the site is very helpful.

The multi-colored tabs along the top take you directly to specific sections. Here are some of the highlights:

  • College Entrance Requirements are in the Student Planner section.
  • In the Career Info section, you can match your interests to different college majors using the career key feature, or match jobs to the kind of major each requires using the Student Career Matching Assistant.
  • There are other ways to match schools and your interests in the Comparative View and Matching Assistant sections under the GA Colleges tab. You can even take virtual tours.
  • Under Applications & Transcripts you’ll find a feature that uses information you store in the website to fill out your applications to Georgia colleges and universities.

Notice those links on the left under Getting Started; here you’ll find sections on College Test Prep and the HOPE Scholarship. I like the design of this site and the helpful ways in which they give you more than one place to find the information that you need.

Also interested in colleges and universities outside of Georgia? If you click on the Georgia Colleges tab, there’s a link to sites for schools outside the state. If you save information using that neat application feature, it remains usable in the other sites.

You might also visit CollegeSource Online, which is bookmarked on our Databases page. Here you’ll find an online version of college catalogs, so that you can search from one source rather than going to several different college or university websites. To see this database, go to http://www.dekalblibrary.org/search/cdrom.ssi and click on the link for CollegeSource Online under the Tests and Careers menu.

Also, feel free to visit your closest library branch for some great print reference resources.

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The New York Times recenty featured an article about the International Community School, a public charter school located in DeKalb County.

The school opened in 2002, and was designed “to bring together refugee, immigrant, and native-born children in an academically challenging and nurturing environment.”  The school faces many challenges, including funding, communication difficulties with parents, and young students who have often just arrived surviving horrific conditions.  The school offers a unique program which provides a caring introduction to American life for refugee and immigrant students, as well as an opportunity for native-born children to gain insight into other cultures and develop a more open world view. 

The school offers classes for students in grades K-6.  In order to assist the older siblings of students, as well as parents and grandparents, in 2004 the school began offering “Saturday School,” a Family Literacy Program designed to address the basic literacy needs of these family members.

Read the complete article HERE, including photos and a short but touching video about a friendship between two of the school’s young students.


Oct 24 2007

Books for GA college students

by Heather O

If you are enrolled in one of the 34 participating Georgia colleges, you may be able to order books online from any college in the state. Galileo offers a universal catalog for libraries in the University System of Georgia, with the GIL Universal Catalog students can request books from other university libraries in Georgia, renew their books, and manage their library accounts.

If you are a student and still can’t find your book outside of both the Georgia university system and Dekalb County Public Libraries, we offer inter-library loan through your local branches.

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