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Nov 21 2012

The Biblio-Mat

by Jesse M

Inside Toronto’s antiquarian bookstore The Monkey’s Paw stands the Biblio-Mat. It has an intentionally vintage appearance; as large as a refrigerator and painted pistachio green, with old style lettering that reads: “Every book a surprise. No two alike. Collect all 112 million titles.”

The Biblio-Mat is a vending machine that dispenses books. For a charge of two dollars, the Biblio-Mat will dispense a random title which in most bookstores might have ended up in the discount bin out front. Owner Stephen Fowler claims that the Biblio-Mat “reinjects the mystery into these old printed artifacts” and that even though it isn’t a big money maker, nearly everyone who has used the Biblio-Mat “has been pleasantly surprised and completely amused,” especially kids. Fowler relates the following story about one of his young customers during an NPR interview:

“One kid I can think of in particular — a very intense, physical little boy, not what you would necessarily consider the bookish type — he got a weird, local history book about Hamilton, Ontario,” he says. “And apparently he’s been carrying it around his house, you know, asking his mom, ‘Did you see where I left my Hamilton book?'”

You can watch a video of the Biblio-Mat in action below.

The BIBLIO-MAT from Craig Small on Vimeo.


Jun 24 2009

Vintage Children’s Books

by Nancy M

funniest1There is something so delightfully nostalgic about coming across an old children’s book that I read as a child. Little Golden Books, anybody? Seeing the colorful illustrations that I would pore over as a kid brings back those halcyon childhood days and reading the charming stories reminds me of why I became a children’s librarian in the first place. DeKalb County Public Libraries house thousands of children’s books and there are many hidden treasures just waiting to be rediscovered. Here are some of my favorites:

Frederick (1967) by Leo Lionni


The Giant Jam Sandwich (1973) by John Vernon Lord


Too Many Mittens (1958) by Florence and Louis Slobodkin


The Story of Ferdinand (1936) by Munro Leaf


I came across this blog recently, which brought back even more wonderful book memories and helped me to discover some new ones I have never read.

What are your favorite vintage children’s books?